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Seroquel is a prescription antipsychotic medication used for the treatment of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. It can be used for the former if the patient is at least 13 years old and for the later if the patient is at least 10. There are other uses for Seroquel, such as the treatment of major depressive disorder in adults, which is where it will be used with other antidepressants. Seroquel is never to be used for dementia-related psychotic conditions, because it can cause pneumonia, heart failure or even sudden death in older patients. Before your treatment can be started, your health care provider will be interested to know if you have any medial issues that may affect your dose and the success of your treatment. You will always need to let your doctor know if there are any of the following ones present: trouble swallowing, high blood pressure, a history of diabetes, seizures, high cholesterol, epilepsy, cataracts, liver disease, high triglycerides, kidney disease, heart rhythm problems, thyroid disorder, heart disease, a history of low white blood cell counts as well as a history of heart attack or stroke. If there are any other health issues you have, your doctor will also need to know about those before you take the very first dose.

Make sure you take every dose of Seroquel with a full glass of water from once to a few times a day depending on your dose and the recommendations your doctor provided before you started the treatment. Your dose of Seroquel may need to be changed occasionally to make sure you benefit from the treatment. You can take your dose with some food or without. Your vision, blood pressure and blood cells count will have to be tested regularly. If you are younger than 2, you will need to talk to your doctor before starting the treatment and be sure to visit your doctor regularly and report any unusual symptoms like impulsiveness, aggressiveness, agitation, worsened depression, trouble sleeping, behavior changes, mood changes, irritability, panic attacks, hostility, suicidal thoughts, physical or mental hyperactivity, restlessness or anxiety, any of those can mean your treatment is not working the way it is supposed to. If you are taking any drugs likely to cause sleepiness, you need to report them to your health care provider, especially sleeping pills, seizure medicine, narcotic pain drugs, muscle relaxers, cold or allergy medicine, sedatives as well as depression or anxiety medications.

An overdose of Seroquel can cause death. You need to seek emergency medical help if you ever notice such health effects as light-headedness, extreme drowsiness, fast heart rate or fainting after you happened to use too much of Seroquel for any reason. Your thinking and reactions may be impaired because of Seroquel. You can also become dehydrated more easily while using the medicine. Elderly patients may fall accidentally because of the effects of Seroquel, which is why they should sit up and stand up carefully. You will need to stop using Seroquel if you notice such serious side effects as stiff muscles, jerky muscle movements, uneven heartbeats, sweating, white patches or sores inside your mouth, excessive hunger, body aches, fruity breath odor, flu symptoms, trouble swallowing, high fever, nausea and vomiting, fever, tremors, eye pain, chills, blurred vision, problems with speech, confusion or increased thirst and urination. You can carry on with your treatment if you get upset stomach, drowsiness, constipation, vomiting, weight gain, dizziness, increased appetite, nausea, dry mouth, sore throat, tired feeling, stomach pain, missed menstrual periods or breast swelling.

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